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USA: State awards Mount Shasta $200,000 to study electric vehicle charging stations

MOUNT SHASTA — This mountain town could one day host charging stations for electric vehicles as the California Energy Commission last week awarded $200,000 for a readiness plan for the region.

The north state has a notable lack of charging stations for electric vehicles, with a gap of no stations between Sacramento and Ashland, Ore., said City Manager Ted Marconi.

“The plan would actually tell us where they should be located but the idea is that you would probably need one every 60 to 100 miles,” Marconi said.

Jason Darrow, a program manager with the Siskiyou County Economic Development Council, was the driving force behind seeking the grant, Marconi said.

“What I’m really looking to do, is to really understand what role electric vehicle can play in the area we have north of Sacramento,” Darrow said.

Mount Shasta partnered with Siskiyou EDC because the city is able to receive the money, Darrow said.

About a half dozen electric vehicles are driving on city streets and Marconi said he’s noticing increased adoption of those vehicles and hybrids.

The money awarded to the city is just a chunk of the more than $20 million awarded to a total of six agencies, according to the commission. The other agencies — five private California companies and the Bay Area Air Quality Management District — received grants for a variety of electric and green energy programs.


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