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USA: Second batch of Nissan Leaf ambassadors revealed

Back in July, Edaran Tan Chong Motor (ETCM) introduced the first batch of four ambassadors for its Nissan Leaf pliot program, which is part of the company’s “Journey to Zero Emission” initiative. The Nissan Leaf is of course the production electric car that’s already on sale elsewhere in the world, although Malaysia isn’t quite ready yet, and the 10 units registered by ETCM are for trials and awareness.

The first group had Jason Goh, Yoong Huey Yee, Rizman Harith Merican and Daniel Yap drive and live with the Leaf for six weeks. They had to share their daily experience with friends and the public via different mediums such as video clips, write-ups as well as feedback to ETCM on the car’s performance in the real world. We managed to get one of them to share his experience with you – read Daniel Yap’s account here.

“The biggest problem is the perception of a limited range,” Yap shared. “Granted any EV will not be able to make cross-country commutes but when it comes to pure city driving, then the EV will certainly be able to get you there and back 99.9% of the time.”

Fellow ambassador Rizman Merican revealed something many are curious about – cost. “On average I would fill up about RM200 for my car each week, so for a month, it would be about RM800. With the Leaf, I calculated that it would cost me about RM4 per full charge. So for my routine, I only charged the car once in two days, which would mean an expenditure of only RM60 a month on electricity,” he said.


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