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USA: Next-Generation Lithium-Ion Batteries Being Developed by Kansas State University

Researchers from Kansas State University are currently developing new materials to be used in future lithium-ion batteries that will dramatically improve their storage capacity, potentially allowing the batteries of electric cars, laptops, cellphones, and various other mobile devices to last much longer between charges.

li ion battery

The researchers are also working on lithium-ion batteries that can store energy and deliver power more rapidly, which they believe will be a more appropriate alternative power source for electric vehicles and machines that are powered by alternative energy. As an example, “solar- and wind-powered technologies could switch to the battery in the evening when there is a lack of wind or sunlight to produce energy,” says Steven Arnold Klankowski, a doctoral candidate in chemistry who is working under Jun Li, professor of chemistry, at Kansas State University.

“The battery market is moving very fast these days as everyone is trying to get an advantage for their electric vehicles and cellphones,” said Klankowski, who also has a background in materials engineering. “As our devices get smarter, so must our methods to supply greater amounts of portable electrical energy to power these devices.”

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