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USA; New Ford Plug-In Scores California Carpool Lane Approval

California’s gas prices are slowly trending downward after exceeding $5 a gallon in some cities, but residents who commute long distances and want unrestricted access to HOV (carpool) lanes have another option. This week Ford Motor’s C-MAX Energi scored approval for the Golden State’s Green Clean Air Vehicle Sticker under the Clean Vehicle Rebate Program. For EV fans disappointed in the on-again, off-again, on-and-off-again trials of the Chevy Volt, Ford’s C-MAX Energi could spark renewed enthusiasm for plug-in hybrid cars.

Ford touts the C-MAX Energi, the company’s first plug-in hybrid automobile, as another groundbreaking vehicle sans the conventional internal combustion engine for both its range and miles-per-gallon equivalent rating: 108 miles per gallon (MPG) in the city and 92 on the highway.
The C-MAX Energi also achieves up to 21 miles in all-electric range. Ford points out that for the average worker’s commuting distance, the all-electric range the C-MAX Energi offers is enough for drivers to drive one direction between work and home without hitting the gas pedal. In fact, Ford positions the C-MAX Energi as an option to drive long distances without worrying about a recharge: the company claims its generous MGP allows drivers to travel between cities such as Denver and Kansas City . . . or New York and Detroit.
So what does the C-MAX Energy announcement mean for commuters?


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