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USA: Napa Goes Green with Toyota’s Eco Drive

The endless cool, green confines and golden sunshine of California’s Napa Valley served as tie backdrop for Eco Driven recently – a comprehensive drive experience of Toyota’s entire hybrid and electric vehicle line for 2012/2013.

On hand were the Third Generation Prius, Prius Plug-In Hybrid, Prius C, Prius V, Camry Hybrid, the Highlander Hybrid and even the 2013 Avalon Hybrid – but that last one is top secret for another couple of weeks.

The whole lineup was presented against a backdrop of consistently reenforced sustainability messaging. To give you an idea of where we’re going with this, the cars were surprisingly strong – and the rest of the festivities blended together into a drum circle paired with just the right Cabernet..

Fortunately, there was ample time to drive any or all of the vehicles around the glowing hillsides and vineyards heavy with purple fruit. In between those happy hours, there were eco-conscious cooking demonstrations, sustainable clothing fashion shows and even spa treatments.

Those ferny forays away from the steering wheels were essentially a way for endlessly earnest and desperately keen folks with green companies and Hollywood-friendly political agendas to call attention to themselves and their businesses. I send them a heartfelt, “Good on ya.” Make money while the solar battery charges, boys an girls. But you’ll have to pardon me if I tend to believe green business are really more about the printed paper hue than the leafy chlorophyl-tinted variety.

To paraphrase a brilliant observation by Jay Leno, environmentalists are always eager to advertise the green efforts they insist they never do for themselves.


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