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USA: How the Military Uses Green Tech To Save Soldiers’ Lives

The first two parts of this series covered the military’s plan to get off fossil fuels and its strategy for doing so. Today, a look at what it all has to do with the military’s broader mission: protecting Americans at home and abroad.

On the battlefield–”in theater” in military parlance–reducing energy consumption isn’t about saving money or the planet, and it’s got zero to do with anyone’s political beliefs.

“It’s not about reducing energy usage and the overall bills, but about saving lives,” says Colonel Peter Newell, director of the Army’s Rapid Equipping Force (REF). Newell’s organization measures the effectiveness of equipment from the viewpoint of the Soldier on the ground in the fight. “At the tactical edge, we don’t look at energy efficiency in terms of saving gallons, we count it in lives saved. That’s really what we focus on.”

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