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EVCCON (Electric Vehicle Conversion Convention) was a lot of fun.
Earlier I sent the announcement about the all-in-one
controller/charger/dc-dc/contactor box that EV-Source
( is coming out with. A few more cool things I
saw (in addition to the really cool cars, of course).

NetGain Motors (aka Warp — has made a deal to
distribute an collection of AC motors and controllers from a
manufacturer in Korea who makes them for OEM customers. The controllers
include a built-in charger and both motors and controllers are liquid
cooled. The motors will be available in 100kw, 300kw and 600kw. There’s
also a smaller air-cooled motor suitable for golf cars or scooters.

Recharge Car ( has some really neat little
gizmos including a coulomb counter that runs a standard car fuel gauge.
A guy in Australia has been making something like this
( and, I
believe, Mike Okrent bought one. I understand calibrating it is a bit of
a chore. This new one has a USB connection. You plug your computer in,
tell it what values your pack has and what your fuel gauge needs to
indicate full and empty and you’re done. It can also connect to your
tach and uses it to display instantaneous amp flow.

They also have a little box (coming soon) that counts pulses (like from
the motor) and translates them into other pulses for tach or ECU. For
example, if your motor has a sensor that reads 1 pulse per rotation but
your tach wants 4 this box can translate. They had it reading 15 pulses
per rotation by counting the fan blades on the motor and translating
that to 4 pulses for the tach. It also has a CANBUS interface so it can
send pulse information into an ECU to trick it into thinking the engine
is still there.

There’s a new magazine devoted to electric vehicles: Charged.
( It’s high quality, glossy with three
focuses. EV’s (mostly about OEM cars though); technology–motors,
controllers, etc; and infrastructure–charging stations and govt issues.
You can read past issues on their web site.

EV West ( is a relatively new company converting cars and
selling parts. They built a BMW M3 that finished 4th in the Pikes Peak
Hill Climb this year. The behind-the-scenes story was very interesting.
They do sell a few parts that are unique including a plate that mounts
to the front of a motor and holds a power steering pump, vacuum pump and
AC compressor. It’s $1200 which would be a lot for just a plate, but
this one includes the power steering pump and vacuum pump and pulleys.
Plus it’s beautiful (in case you want a little bling for your car).

EV West also makes controller chill plates for a lot less than any other
place I’ve found. I’m a fan of liquid cooling controllers.

Dave Kurzel from Modular EV Power ( was there
with his goodies. He makes a tiny little box that implements the smarts
needed for your car to play J-1772. It makes the pilot and sense signals
work and has a relay to control your charger and/or disable the car from
running when the charge cord is plugged in. He also makes GORGEOUS
billet aluminum J-1772 connectors. More car bling.

Finally, he has a very nice EVSE (charge station) kit. It won’t save
much money over buying one from Lowes but it does have a nice display,
you can customize it, and it will handle 75amps instead of 30.

Source NEEAA


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