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USA\: EV Rally 11-16-2012

We are planning a 24 hour rally starting at 10 AM on November 16th.
This will be held in conjunction with evgo. We will end the rally at 10 AM on
November 17th, and have our monthly meeting.

We need 3 teams of 6 people to staff our rally. Each team of 6 will be assigned
a car, and will plan their route, with the goal of driving the most miles in 24
hours. Of course all miles must be done by the car’s own power, no towing

It is suggested the the teams drive three 8 hour shifts (10 AM to 6 PM, 6 PM to
2 AM, and 2 AM to 10 AM) with 2 participants in each shift, but each team must
decide their own tactics.

Right now we have 5 people who have agreed to participate (Paul, Ron, Neal,
David, and Jochiem [sp]), so we still need 13 more folks.

If everyone will email their intentions to me at rswan@…. I will
coordinate the teams. Feel free to recruit your friends and non-members!

Ron Swanson
Source NTEAA


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