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USA: EV Charging Station: Car charging for shared parking facilities

Shared parking garages are often not designed with convenient access to power outlets to charge EVs. But that doesn’t mean that plugging in your EV should be a hassle. With EV Connect we make getting a charging station installed in your shared garage facilities quick and easy. You can then start to experience the convenience of fast home charging of your vehicle.

You can rely on us to give you the expert advice you need to ensure a fast and painless installation of your new EV charging station – however many property stakeholders and policy hoops we need to pass through. And, depending on the rules of your building management firm or homeowner’s association, we can even install a charging unit in your shared garage without the need to deal with any third parties.

Why do you need an EV charging station in your shared parking?

With the standard charging cord provided with your electric vehicle you get a trickle charge that can take up to 15 hours or more to fully charge your battery. For those of us with busy lives, that kind of charging speed is just not good enough.

A rapid charging station from EV Connect solves this problem – giving you twice the power, our charging unit allows you to complete a full battery charge in less than half the time. And with some new models this can now be much less than 5 hours to fully charge. You can plug in your car at night, and your car will be ready to go in the morning.

With EV Connect getting EV Ready has never been easier

Now is the time to ensure your home is EV ready. Let us explain why you should choose EV Connect and just how easy we make the process:

We’ll help you save money

Did you know that installing an EV Connect home rapid charging station could qualify you for a reduced electricity rate with your utility provider? Or that the federal and many state governments offer incentive programs which cover the cost of a residential charge station and a portion of the installation costs? We have extensive knowledge of all of these incentives, so we can help you further reduce the cost of running an EV.

We also believe in straight talking. You can go a little cheaper than us if you hire a local handy man or an electrician you find on the internet to install your charge station. But that guy is unlikely to know much about electric vehicles or charging station installation and this can often cost you at a later date. It means you also miss out on our excellent customer and product support and extended warranties.

We give you peace of mind

If you’re concerned about making the wrong decision with your rapid charging station, then choosing a company like EV Connect is a smart move. We’re the industry experts, having made hundreds of installations within shared parking facilities across the country.

Our extensive experience working within multi-unit dwellings means we’re best placed to help you overcome any challenges you may encounter, such as working with homeowners associations or building management teams attached to the property.

We give you product and service warranties on all charge stations we install and extended parts and service warranties on some of our charge stations (something your local electrician will not be able to do). We have partnered with charge station manufacturers to ensure our install technicians have advanced installation training on their hardware.

And in the unlikely event that you have a technical issue, we will have one of our engineers at your property – usually within 24 hours.


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