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USA: Chelsea Sexton forming Advisory Board to help Nissan learn how to market the Leaf

The Nissan Leaf battery pack capacity loss controversy has exposed a weakness on Nissan’s part in communicating openly with Leaf owners, and a new Advisory Board being formed by EV Advocate Chelsea Sexton aims to help Nissan learn how to communicate.

While the advisory board was not, according to Sexton, “convened specifically to address the Arizona battery issue” the context for this board is strongly influenced by that issue. The issue is that Nissan Leaf owners in Arizona, and some other states, are suffering from overly rapid loss of battery pack capacity and a loss of driving range. A growing chorus of Leaf owners are documenting battery pack capacity loss, including a massive test convened in Phoenix independently by Leaf owners. Nissan has made two public responses, in June and in September, and it’s clear that Nissan has on its hands a product quality controversy. Most of Nissan’s responses have been in the form of downplaying the issue, minimizing the number of Leaf owners affected. Nissan did bring in seven Leaf’s for intensive study, and have since suggested that rather than Arizona’s famously hot climate (“at least it’s a dry heat”) the problem exists with Leaf owners who drive an above-average number of miles per year.


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