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USA: Big Oil outspent environmental groups 16 to 1 this election

From Al Gore

It’s our responsibility to stop Big Oil from buying this election. Chip in
$5 to support pro-environment candidates today:

Big Oil and other corporate polluters have outspent environmental groups by
at least 16 to 1 during this election.<1>

It’s not the first time they’ve spent millions to influence the political
debate on the climate crisis – but after Citizens United, it’s just a drop
in the bucket to what they can spend now.

We have a moral responsibility to make sure they don’t
succeed. Record-breaking heat, hurricanes, wildfires and droughts – the
kinds of weather extremes made worse by the climate crisis – are proof of
what’s at stake. We don’t have to match their record spending to win, but we
need to start closing the gap if we’re going to have a chance.

Take it from me, Remy- this election may come down to a handful of votes.
What we do now will make the difference.

LCV Action Fund can push pro-environment candidates over the top in close
races, but only with your help. Please pitch in $5 today: .

You and I support the LCV Action Fund for the same reason: they put boots on
the ground to knock on doors and call voters, they expose the truth about
climate deniers, and they win the campaigns that get environmental champions
into Congress.

The Senate – where I spent nearly a decade fighting against climate change
and big polluters – remains the linchpin for enacting strong environmental
policies at the national level. We must maintain a critical firewall of at
least 41 senators who are willing to stand up to the most egregious attacks
on the environment. Without this firewall in the Senate, there may be no
stopping those politicians backed by Big Oil from ramming through Congress
new laws that roll back clean air protections, expand oil drilling off our
coasts and cut investments in renewable energy.

LCV Action Fund is running a hard-hitting campaign to elect environmental
champions to the Senate – and they’re doing everything right:

* LCV knows that we need to turnout more environmental voters. In Montana,
they’re running an impressive vote-by-mail program to support Sen. Jon
Tester, and in other swing states, they’re laying the groundwork for an
aggressive get-out-the-vote operation.
* LCV understands how to persuade independent voters who care about our
planet. These voters are getting hammered with lies from Big Oil, but LCV is
running a major mail program and using television buys in battleground
states to highlight the consequences of rolling back key environmental laws.
* LCV gets that on-the-ground campaigning works. They know that by talking
to voters – at their doors, on the phones, at events – we can identify
supporters and then turn them out on Election Day. To support Elizabeth
Warren in Massachusetts, their canvassing program will reach 100,000 voters.
In other states, they’re mobilizing volunteers to talk to neighbors about
what’s at stake for the environment.

Chip in $5 today and together with the LCV Action Fund, we’ll elect more
environmental champions to Washington: .

We’re in the final stretch of the election season, and you’re poised to
influence the outcome of several critical races across the country. LCV
Action Fund is running its most focused and ambitious political program
ever, and I hope you’ll join me to ensure that we elect leaders who will
take action to protect our environment, fight the climate crisis, and build
a sustainable energy future.


Al Gore

Paid for by League of Conservation Voters Action Fund,, and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s

1920 L Street, NW Suite 800
Washington, DC 20036
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