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USA: 2012 Fight for Air Walk on November 3

The American Lung Association was a sponsor of our 2012 EV Rally. Thank you.

They are having a fundraising “walk” event on Saturday, November 3 in

Those of you that are into physical exercise, I would encourage you to
sign up and participate in the event.

They would like EAA to show support for their event by displaying some
EVs in a special “VIP area” in the parking lot and help educate the Walk
participants about EVs. The idea is to setup early, a little before 8am
and greet people as they arrive and register for the walk that starts at
9am. There may be more time to talk to people after walkers return
randomly later.

I have posted more details in our page.

I am probably not going to attend myself but am happy to be a point of
contact to coordinate before the event. They have asked for a count of
EVs expected for site planning.

If someone can volunteer to be contact during the event, I can drop off
the EAA brochures for you to take to the event. There is no need to
setup a booth and the ending time is a little fuzzy at this point.

Thanks for your support,

Source EAASV


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