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USA: 1st Test Drive on Lithium VW Cabriolet.

I was re-reading this, didn’t seem as clear today. I’ll try again.

There is a wire about 3/16″ diam on the back of your CA, on the end is a sensor. it has 2 wires in it. I cut it to run thru the fire wall and just put a molex connector for ease of changing.

The CA comes with a magnet with a fixture to attach to a bike spoke. Not to useful for me, however, I had a little “super magnet” that I put on my passenger axle in a pool of epoxy. The magnet “self” clamps itself to the axle, the glue is supposed to just help keep it in place.

When I put the sensor down by the axle, I only had to get within about 3/4″ and it would trigger the switch in the end of the sensor.

Where I’m getting issue (I think) is that the wire is not shielded. So I’m picking up some stray pulses. I plan to open the molex and then slip a shield over that wire.

Once that is all working, you can set the wheel size in the setup. I’ll do a more accurate calibration later. I think the best way to calibrate is to put a chalk mark on a tire and cement. Then roll the car until it goes around 5 times. Then mark the spot and measure the distance. Any error is now divided by 5. I think I’ll go about 30 feet (I think my tape measure is only 30 ft long…)

I think the calculation goes like this :

Total Distance (ft) = 30 ft (Estimating)
Revs = 5
Distance/Rev (ft) = 6 ft
Circumference (ft) = 6/pi = 1.9 ft
Circumference (in) = 22.9″ (that about right, I have small wheels on the vw)
Circumference (mm) = 22.9 x 25.4 = 582

I may calibrate at Tanners on Sat since they have a bit parking lot. I hope there is a slight slant so I can just mark, let off the brake for 5 revs and then stop. The care is MUCH easier to push now that all the lead is out of it, so it would be easy with a few guys to roll on a level lot.

Can you make it out on Sat? Neal can’t be there this time.

Take Care, Hope you’ll be out on Sat,



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