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Toyota’s new all-solid-state battery: the power of ‘green vehicles’

scooter1 300×212 Toyotas new all solid state battery: the power of green vehiclesEnvironmentally friendly driving, fuel efficiency, electric vehicles- all topics that have been a subject of major debate in recent years, and yet only a limited few manufacturers have the courage to pursue ground-breaking developments. Toyota Motor Corp, one of the leading producers of ‘green vehicles’, might just hold the solution.

At a meeting held on September 24th, 2012, in Tokyo, the company presented their brand new prototype of an all-solid-state battery with a five times higher output density, a.k.a storage energy capacity, than this of their existing Li-ion batteries. The main improvements are related to the conductivity of Lithium (Li) ions, which now go above levels of 1 x 10-2S/cm. The company still bids on the use of Sulfide-based solid supersonic conductor (Li10GeP2S12) in order to maintain voltages and exchange electrical impulses, however this time Germanium (Ge) was added.

“Germanium enables to realize a structure in which crystals have refined shapes and Li ions are linearly arranged,” the company said. Furthermore, the material experiences high lithium ionic conductivity, which can be considered the highest conductivity achieved by a solid electrolyte.


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