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The First Station to Replace the Batteries for Electrovans in Europe

Bratislava: On October 25, 2012 at 2 pm at Stará Vajnorská Street 39, the company of GreenWay Operator will inaugurate the first battery swap station in Europe for electrovans up to 3.5 t.
Automobiles which would not produce emissions and noise, states which would not be dependent on crude oil producers are the visions which have long been waiting to be fulfilled. It seems that along with the development of batteries in recent years and persistent high fuel prices, these visions are coming true. Electromobility proves the potential of wide use of electric vehicles. However, it is necessary to overcome several challenges. One of them is proving the economical meaningfulness of electric vehicle operation. The GreenWay project has set out to solve this dominant task. Among the conditions of economical vehicle operation is enabling sufficient, user-acceptable driving range extension. Within their infrastructure, GreenWay is building battery swap stations for their future clients’ electrovans up to 3.5 t. On Thursday, professional community may see the opening of the first battery swap station for electrovans in Europe. More of them will follow to replace the lengthy recharge by simply swapping the whole battery box, while being constantly recharged in the swap station. Opening the first battery swap station meets the vision to provide the clients with the complex rental service of electrovans up to 3.5 t, which integrates: a car fleet of electrovans, charging stations and battery swap stations, electricity for recharging, information system for system operation control, car service, operator service/ call centre. The complex service offered by GreenWay Operator to their clients, already starting within the first quarter of 2013, will eventually be cost competitive with the conventional engine van fleet operation.
The GreenWay project is characterized by:
Complexity- Joining the infrastructure, logistics, technology and services into one, the GreenWay project creates a functioning business model to bring electromobility into practice.
Ease of use- By means of GreenWay electrovan rental, including the service and insurance, the client will get rid of all the troubles concerning the car fleet.
Simplicity- Self-service battery swap is designed not to spend more time than needed for classic refuelling. The total time will not exceed 7 minutes.
Transparency- Interconnected IT systems provide the client with an overview of the current situation.
Infrastructure- It is built gradually and deliberately in the driving range areas of the clients’ vans. The entire infrastructure is designed to be relocatable in case of need to a new destination within a period of few days.
Flexibility, Variability and Modernization- GreenWay will build the stations in the static and mobile version. It is the mobile version which brings flexibility into the entire system. Stations may be resized by adding modules, varied in terms of equipment, and the technologies constantly upgraded.
On Thursday, Oct.25, 2012, GreenWay Operator will demonstrate the unique and the only technology of the electrovan complex use in Europe, developed by Slovak specialists and Source


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