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Spied: Volkswagen Filmed Trying Out XL1 Diesel-Electric Hybrid

At this week’s Qatar Motor Show, which runs from January 26 to 29, Volkswagen will unveil the third and latest iteration of its two-seater diesel-electric hybrid concept series, the new XL1 Super Efficient Vehicle (SEV). The first two vehicles of the series were the 1-litre concept car unveiled back in April 2002 and the L1 study from the 2009 Frankfurt motor show.
With the new and evolved concept model, VW has managed to further improve the car’s fuel economy to a staggering 0.9 lt/100 km, equal to 261 mpg US and 313 mpg UK while emitting a mere 24 g/km of CO2.

Technical advances aside, the major difference between the XL1 and its predecessors is VW’s more conventional approach with the automaker dropping the narrow packaging and tandem seating of the L1 in favor of a much better looking and practical design with the driver and passenger placed next to each.

The XL1 is motivated by a small 800 cc TDI two-cylinder common rail diesel engine developing 48-horsepower. It’s linked to an electric motor producing an additional 27HP, resulting in a combined output of 75HP.

That might not sound impressive, but keep in mind that the XL1 tips the scales at just 795 kg or 1,752 pounds, thanks to the extensive use of lightweight materials throughout including Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymer parts for the body, magnesium for the wheels, ceramics for the brake discs and aluminium for dampers, steering system and brake calipers.



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