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Qatar Ag introduces electric sports car

Qatar Ag has brought to the country the first 100% electric sports vehicle operated by a lithium ion battery.
The vehicle, Qatar Ag said, is a “pure” electric car and does not depend, when operated or driven, on any kind of ordinary fuel used in internal combustion engines (ICE).
According to Qatar Ag, part of the Doha-based GSSG Holding Group, the technology for various types of electric vehicles will be in high demand in the automotive industry by 2030.
Qatar Ag Chairman Ghanim bin Saad al-Saad said, “We are doing a campaign to present the future technology in the automotive industry to the Qatari community, especially the youth. There are environmental and economical benefits when using such kind of electric vehicles.
“Some people may think that we, in GCC region, do not need to use electric vehicles because of its expensive price when compared to ICE vehicles, in addition to availability of fuel at low cost in the region. This seems to be right.
But in the near future, change will happen as a result of pressure on vehicle manufacturing companies to achieve higher fuel efficiency, reduce CO2 emissions and to reduce the cost of ownership.


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