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PlugShare App Helps 100,000 Users Find EV Charging Stations

It seems like everyone has a smart phone these days and that means people are developing some very creative apps. PlugShare is a model app that monitors more than 11,000 public and private charging stations across the US, giving EV drivers peace of mind when it comes to finding the next place to plug in.

One of the major consumer concerns surrounding the EV is the lack of charging stations. No one wants to run out of juice in an EV and be stranded on the side of the road. Granted, EV charging stations are still not as prevalent as gas stations, however being armed with an app like PlugShare will hopefully help current EV drivers and those interested in EVs rest a little easier when behind the wheel.

The PlugShare app launched about a year ago with about 500 EV stations featured on the app. The app now has over 11,000 charging stations in the database — and the data base is growing. According to PlugShare Portland, Oregon has the highest density of Eclectic Vehicle (EV) charging stations – 11.2 stations for every 100,000 people.



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