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Park and charge: Media demo of safe, new wireless Park and charge: Media demo of safe, new wireless vehicle charging technology invented by UBC researcherscharging technology invented by UBC researchers

Event: A UBC electric service vehicle will demonstrate wireless charging. Small demo units will demonstrate the “magnetic gear” technology. Photos are available. B-roll will be made available at event.

Date/Time: 10-11 a.m. Friday, Oct. 26, 2012

Location: University Services Building, 2329 West Mall, UBC Vancouver campus

Parking: West Parkade, immediately north of University Services Building

University of British Columbia researchers have invented a safe, efficient technology to wirelessly charge electric vehicles using “remote magnetic gears” – and successfully tested it on campus service vehicles.

“Wireless charging has been a much sought-after technical solution for everything from cell phones to electric cars,” says UBC Physics Prof. Lorne Whitehead. “A significant concern for charging cars wirelessly has been the high power and high frequency electromagnetic fields and their unknown, potential health effects on humans.”


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