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Nissan-Renault Goal of 500,000 EVs Sold By 2015 Gone. Now 1.5 Million By 2016


For most of us who follow the LEAF in the United States, we just assumed Nissan-Renault’s original stated goal of “selling 500,000 plug-in electric vehicles by 2015″ from back when they first introduced the 73 mile EV would have to fall at some point.

41,000 LEAFs Sold Worldwide Through September

Who knew the number would go up?

But that is the case, as Hideaki Watanabe, Managing Director of Zero Emission Vehicles expressed the new goal at the Paris Motor Show this past week while promoting Renault’s next best hope, the Zoe.

“Zoe is coming out. This is going to be a big momentum as well (for the compnay). Renault-Nissan Alliance has very strong, two cars (ZoeLEAF) coming out to the road. Attractive. So EV market is going to expand. We are committed to sell a cumulative 1.5 million cars by 2016.”

(Video of Hideaki talking about the Zoe/LEAF and this goal below)

One thing you can say for sure, is that Nissan and Renault don’t aim low. But is this a reasonable expectation? Is it possible for them to even come close when examinging their worldwide numbers to date? Just looking at US sales of the LEAF, with only 14,905 in the books, would give certainly give the impression the Alliance is out to lunch with their numbers.


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