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New Electric Car Charging Standard Isolates Japanese Makers

Japanese automakers were left out in the cold Monday after SAE International, which sets technical and engineering standards for the automotive and aerospace industries worldwide, decided to support the single plug Combo Coupler standard for plug-in electric and hybrid vehicles. Japanese manufacturers, including Nissan Motor (OTC: NSANY [FREE Stock Trend Analysis]) had supported the two-plug, CHAdeMO standard, which is already installed in Nissan LEAF electric cars.

The Combo Coupler standard is supported by General Motors (NYSE: GM) and Volkswagen (OTC: VLKAY). It uses a single plug for fast charging at a charging station and for slower, overnight charging at home. The two-plug CHAdeMO standard supported by Japanese car makers used one plug for rapid charging and another for overnight charging.
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The development of the electric car and plug-in hybrids requires a single standard plug for charging stations. The SAE International press release stated, “This new standard reflects the many hours that top industry experts from around the world worked to achieve the best charging solution – a solution that helps vehicle electrification technology move forward.” Gery Kissel, Engineering Specialist, Global Battery Systems, General Motors and SAE J1772™ Task Force Chairman said. “We now can offer users of this technology various charging options in one combined design.”



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