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New Charging Station Design Optimizes EV Recharging

Yesterday the Car Charging Group, Inc. announced the filing of a provisional patent application for an EV charging station with a toggle unit.

Utilizing the toggle unit, the EV charging station will have the ability to charge multiple EVs successively without the insertion or removal of plugs during the charging process. This feature improves the process of current EV charging stations; reduces potential strain on the energy grid; and reduces EV service equipment, network, and energy costs.

Currently, an EV battery begins to charge as soon as it is plugged into an EV charging station and the session is activated.

In instances where the station is occupied for long periods of time such as overnight at multifamily or mixed-use properties, other EV drivers are not able to charge their EV. This can cause frustration for EV owners and limit their use of the charging station.

Alternatively, EV charging stations with two or more plugs charge EVs simultaneously which can strain the energy grid.

CarCharging’s EV charging station provisional patent optimizes the efficiency of the EV station through the use of a toggle unit, processor, and multiple plugs. The toggle unit activates the charging current from the station to the first of multiple plugs attached to the charging station.


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