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Hybrid owners more range-anxious than EV drivers

Drivers opting for plug-in hybrid cars or ‘range-extended’ models are recharging their cars more frequently than drivers of fully electric cars as they try appear to be maximising their cheaper, electric range, new data suggests.
According to new information released from charging station firm ECOtality, owners of Chevrolet Volt cars in the US, which run on petrol and electricity, recharge their cars more frequently than owners of Nissan LEAF cars, even though the Nissan car is completely dependent on electricity and the Volt is not-suggesting that this first group of driver is more anxious about running out of electric-only range.

The difference is in the all-electric driving ranges of the cars, with the LEAF capable of around 100 miles per charge and the Volt just 40 miles. While the Volt has its back-up gas engine generator to boost the car’s overall range to over 350 miles, it seems that their drivers are developing something called ‘gas-anxiety’- that is a fear of using the more expensive gasoline fuel rather than the energy stored in the car’s battery pack.



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