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Firm installing Chicago’s car-charging stations to be acquired

The firm overseeing Chicago’s $8.9 million installation of charging stations for electric vehicles is set to be acquired by Miami Beach-based Car Charging Group, Inc.

Los Angeles-based 350Green LLC is one of three major firms who have been installing charging stations in Chicago and the surrounding area. So far the company – which was awarded the contract together with $1.9 million in state and federal grants two years ago through the City of Chicago – had said it would install 280 electric vehicle charging station in Chicago and surrounding suburbs by the end of 2011.

So far, the company said, 166 stations are complete. Its CEO Mariana Gerzanych told the Tribune Tuesday that it has slowed down the installations until the deal closes, which could be within a month. A $3.5 million battery manufacturing plant the company had slated for the Northwest Side to produce batteries to store electricity is also on hold, she said, “until we can predict electric vehicle adoption more accurately.”

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Drivers have not been as quick to buy electric vehicles as many in the nascent industry had hoped, a fact that has meant scaled back plans for some firms and bankruptcy for others.


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