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Electric-Car Charging Stations Will Be The Next Important Issue for Electric-Powered Vehicles

Let’s face it. The environment and the country would be better off if electric powered cars and trucks dominated the roads, driving down the use of costly imported fossil fuel and making the U.S. depend more on abundant natural gas and other energy resources in the country.

Unfortunately, despite the huge benefits that electric cars deliver, public excitement over EVs hasn’t fully blossomed, as the exorbitant production cost and other challenges have hampered the sale and delivery of the revolutionary vehicles.

The big investment play on electric-powered vehicles, Tesla Motors (TSLA), the leading develop and maker of battery electric vehicles, recently revised downward its third-quarter delivery from 500 vehicles to 200-225, and its full year target from 5,000 to 2,700-3,250 due to production issues, including delays in delivery due in part to flooding at one of its component suppliers.

One big issue among electric-vehicle drivers is how and where to re-charge their cars or trucks. So Tesla has also unveiled its own electric-charging stations, six of which are already in operation as part of its overall plan to install additional stations throughout the country and Canada.

Tesla says the stations can provide enough juice to provide about 180 miles of driving range in about 30 minutes. Tesla released its first model, the Tesla Roadstar, in early 2008 and has since delivered over 2,350 units around the world. Tesla has also started deliveries of its Model S sedan which has a reported 12,2000 reservations as of July 25, 20-12. Tesla plans to deliver 5,000 Model S vehicles this year.

In truth, the more electric-powered vehicles get on the road, the higher the demand will be for car-charging stations. One emerging play in car-charging stations is little-known CarCharging Group (CCGI), a pioneer in nationwide public electric-vehicle charging services.
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