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ECOtality rebuffed in attempt to block eVgo’s entrance to California charging station market

ECOtality’s lawsuit has been denied in an attemot to block a settlement between NRG and the Public Utilities Commission that is slated to result in over 10,000 electric car charging stations being built in California.

Back in March 2012 a deal was reached between the State of California and NRG Energy that will cause NRG’s subsidiary, eVgo, to build a large charging station network in California. The deal settled a long-standing lawsuit between California and two subsidiaries of NRG related to the California Energy Crisis over 10 years ago. In May, ECOtality filed a lawsuit seeking to block the settlement launching a legal battle between ECOtality, the California Public Utilities Commission and NRG Energy that has run in parallel with proceedings at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission over approval of the settlement. Today, the California First District Court of Appeals today denied ECOtality’s motion, ending their attempt to derail the settlement.

For details concerning the settlement and lawsuit see our previous coverage:- California settles energy crisis lawsuit, enabling NRG to build electric car charging network; NRG reaching out to quell concerns in electric car charging network deal with California; California’s electric car charging deal with NRG clouded with controversy; ECOtality seeks to block NRG’s electric car charging network in California; NRG’s electric car charging network creating new jobs in California; and NRG fires back over ECOtality’s lawsuit seeking to kill settlement with PUC


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