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Could Electric Car Charging Valets Solve Charging Station Rage?

At some point, especially if you live in a large city like New York, the chances are you’ve used valet parking to make life a little easier on arrival at a parking garage, hotel, or airport.

But in the age of plug-in cars, could valet parking provide another useful service: managing the recharging of your electric car?

Forbes’ Jeff McMahon thinks so. In a recent column entitled “A 21st Century Job: Electric Vehicle Valet,” McMahon asks if valet charging services could be the way of ensuring that everyone gets the charge they need, and avoiding the dreaded charging station rage.

A fairly new phenomenon, charging station rage is the frustration experienced when an electric car driver discovers a broken charging station, or one blocked by an internal combustion engine car or another plug-in car that isn’t actually charging.

Providing valet charging to electric car owners could resolve all three issues, as well as tackling politically sticky questions about electric-car charging etiquette, in locations where there are frequently more electric cars than there are charging stations.

Since installation of extra charging stations could prove costly, especially in locations with limited power capability, a valet service could be a more cost-effective option.

Not only that, but by asking drivers how much charge they need, and when they need it by, a charge station valet system would help prioritize charging and ensure no-one is left stranded.


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