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CODA Says Electric Car Benefits A Good Deal To Many

CODA’s Aaron Cohen, Senior Director of Marketing at CODA Automotive says determining cost/benefit analysis is trickier than with a traditional gasoline car but achievable nonetheless.

Rates, Projected Savings. Aaron says that by driving 75,000 miles over a five-year period and using the current average gasoline price of $4.67 per gallon here in California, don’t smirk, your price hike will come too, if you calculate electricity at around $0.12 per kWh, then CODA’s total cost of ownership is $1,374 cheaper than a compact gasoline car like a Honda Civic EX and $3,110 cheaper than a hybrid like a Toyota Prius.

CODA feels confident it has taken the most reasonable, holistic approach by factoring in all of the key TCO elements and uses the Edmunds True Cost to Own calculator. Of course, not everyone drives 75,000 miles in five years with an average 125 mile range but for many, this is feasible.


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