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Chevrolet Spark EV Electric Car For Korea As Well As U.S.

While it was announced a year ago, the Chevrolet Spark EV electric car still hasn’t formally been shown by General Motors.

That may change at a “GM Electrification” event to be held in the San Francisco Bay Area next month.

The only nugget of news we’ve heard lately is that the Spark EV will be sold in South Korea, where it is built, as well as in the States.

The news comes courtesy of GM Korea’s investment and development plan, released Thursdays and covered by the Wall Street Journal (via Autoblog Green).

Depending on South Koreans’ appetite for electric cars, it could be that the small country buys as many Spark EVs as are made available to U.S. buyers.

The Spark EV is widely accepted to be a so-called “compliance car,” offered for sale in only a handful of states to keep its maker in compliance with California zero-emission vehicle rules.

That means that GM is likely to sell only as many Spark EVs as are required to meet the regulatory numbers–just as Honda is doing with its Fit EV and Toyota with its RAV4 EV.

Thus far, all we know about the Spark EV is that it will have a 85-kilowatt (114-horsepower) electric motor, built in White Marsh, Maryland, driving the front wheels.


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