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Cheap EV Charging Stations Arrive in Europe

There are many differences between America and Europe, but there is one area where they are surprisingly similar: the development of networks of fast charging stations. It’s a mess on both sides of the Atlantic. Plans that were supposed to put thousands of chargers everywhere have been delayed and put on hold till nobody knows when. The industry cannot even decide on a single standard connector.

Here’s one thing that could help: slash the cost of charging stations, because fast chargers are expensive items. A CHAdeMO fast charger for a Nissan LEAF costs €12,000 in France. Many EVs advocates explain that a big price reduction will come from economies of scale. This sounds very realistic, but that will only happen when factories build fast chargers in large quantities, so it’ll be a while. There has to be another way, and one idea is to reduce the content of a fast charging station.
Put the Fast Charger Inside the Car

Renault and Smart both thought about it, and decided to remove the charger from the charging station. Let me explain. You could make an existential argument that a charging station without a charger is not a charging station anymore. But you would be wrong. What most people see as a home charging station doesn’t have a charger inside. The electronic device that’s doing the charging process is actually inside the car.


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