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Better Place to sack 150 R&D workers

Electric car venture set to slash Israel workforce by another 40%, mostly from development and infrastructure departments ahead of launch of sales activity. Company lost $132 million in H1 2012

Better Place will dismiss 150 to 200 of its 400 employees in Israel this week, Calcalist has learned.

The move is led by new CEO Evan Thornley. The layoff will slash Better Places’ workforce in Israel by 30%-40%, mostly from its R&D and infrastructure divisions after the company has completed the development of most of its infrastructure.

Personal Decision
Shai Agassi quits Better Place board / Golan Hazani, Calcalist
Week after being ousted as CEO, electric car venture founder decides to step down as member of board of directors as well
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The imminent layoffs were first reported by Calcalist on November 9, when Better Place asked investors for an immediate $130 million cash injection.

The layoffs come on the backdrop of the company’s streamlining operations and the completion of its infrastructure and development operations, ahead of the commencement of its sales operations.

Aside from the 400 workers currently employed by Better Place Israel, the company has some 100 employees in Denmark, Australia and the Netherlands


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