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Audi F12 Electric Car Prototype Shows Off Best Of Tech

An ambitious green car technology project Audi has been taking part of is wrapping after three years, and its net result is what is described as a multi-module technology platform that’s being called “a major advance for electric mobility.” All of this is being showcased through what is, in some regards, the ultimate electric car – the F12.

Audi said the F12, which looks like a production R8 on the outside, represents what is described as the “eSport” model of the technology platform. One of the highest profile items of this platform is the high voltage batteries that powers the electric car. It has two separate blocks with an overall capacity of more than 38 kWh and is built in such a way that it can more sturdily withstand a collision. The batteries are switchable, delivering different output voltages of 144 or 216 volts. Under part load, the voltage is around 200 volts to maximize efficiency, and when increasing power demand and speed is needed, this increases to as much as 440 volts.


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