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2013 Motor Trend Car of the Year Contender: CODA EV Sedan

Take a look at this CODA. What do you see? Most judges saw a curious throwback to the 1990s Asian sedans. The CODA’s bones are indeed boxy though its shape actually dates to only 2004 (it was sold as a gas car starting in 2005). Moreover, the hand behind its angles was no less than the house of Pininfarina, a concern that knows how to pen gracefully aging cars.

Read more about the CODA: 2012 CODA First Test

Coda EV Sedan interior 300×187 imageSome judges saw a primitive-looking EV arriving too late in a nascent market segment awash with way too many expensive, sub-100-mile-range BEVs. But the CODA has a subtle but undeniable intelligence all its own. Two of the biggest problems facing EVs are cost and the stability of lithium-ion chemistry. It’s hard to dramatically lower battery cost, but, hmmm, how about fitting them into an already



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