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USA: Worlds Lightest Electric Vehicle Could Revolutionize Commuting

Anyone who’s been looking to get their hands on a shiny new electric vehicle may find the most affordable option yet in a new Kickstarter project out of Silicon Valley. Palo Alto company Boosted Boards is raising money to begin production on a revolutionary lightweight self-propelling longboard that runs on an electric battery.

Touted as the lightest electric vehicle ever, the current prototype only weighs about four lbs more than a typical longboard. The technology enables the rider to travel up to 20 mph on a charge that will last around 6 miles before needing to be plugged in again. To make sure the board doesn’t go off the rails, riders can use a wireless controller to accelerate and slow down the board underneath their feet. Best of all, the board uses standard outlets to recharge and can juice up again completely in as little as two hours. Boosted Boards estimates that a rider will spend less than $5 per year on charging expenses.


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