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USA: Wireless electric vehicle charging a future thanks to ORNL project

An electric car that gets a charge just by driving down the road?

It may sound impossible, but it could happen in the not too distant future thanks to a project at the Oak Ridge Nuclear Laboratories.

“We’re developing this to the point where it’s so convenient, we wouldn’t think about it,” said John Miller, a researcher with ORNL.

Using an Electric GEM car, that gets about 30 miles between each time it needs to be plugged in, a team of scientists are looking into alternatives in charging these vehicles.
“Wireless charging instead of using a plug in or a cable is very convenient,” Miller added.

Since 2008, researchers have been working on the science of wirelessly charging electric cars, using foot-wide circular magnets. Those magnets would wirelessly give a car, with a similar magnet attached, a charge in power.
“We get the power to run these from renewable from solar and wind provide the power for this, and then that is what we use for transportation, instead of having carbon emissions. That’s where we’re headed,” Miller added.


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