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USA: Will Electric Cars Create 100,000 Jobs in California?

I get wary when people say that something they’re passionate about will create a humongous number of jobs. Employment is the buzzword in this election season, and you’re bound to get attention making big claims.
Mitt’s Big Numbers

Mitt Romney says in his Energy Policy White Paper, released last August, that if his recommendations (mostly drilling for all available oil) are followed, three million jobs will be created, a million of them in manufacturing. That seemed a big stretch for me, considering that the U.S. has two percent of the world’s oil and we’re already drilling or preparing to drill most of those resources, including in Alaska.

The California Electric Transportation Coalition (CalETC) wants to help put the state back to work. It says that if EV sales take off, they’ll be a catalyst for economic growth, contributing nearly 100,000 additional jobs by 2030. The basic argument, CalETC executive director Eileen Tutt told me, is that the average California driver is spending $2,400 a year on gasoline. Switching to an EV will put money in their pockets. You can read more about this in a University of California at Berkeley report here.
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