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USA: Wagner Farm Hosts Electric Car Converts

The New Jersey Electric Auto Association showcases the variety, benefits of electric vehicles.

Wagner Farm looked a bit like a car lot Friday evening, with two rows of gleeming vehicles lining the parking lot and small knots of people curiously inspecting under the hoods.

But at the electric vehicle showcase, sponsored by the New Jersey Electric Auto Association, there weren’t any high-pressure salepeople—only some highly-enthused car owners.

Chatham resident Chris Ravera gave two bystanders a detailed pitch on her new Chevrolet Volt that would have done Mr. Goodwrench proud—she raved over the car’s handling, boasted of its ease of recharging and pointed out its spacious interior.

And she mentioned she wanted one ever since her husband bought a Volt last year.

“I had an Infinity and I kept trying to steal my husband’s car when he got a Volt,” she said.

Ravera was one of four area electric vehicle owners who joined in the presentation, which also included two Ford electric cars not currently in showrooms. The showcase was the idea of Warren resident Michael Thwaite, president of the NJEAA who racks up about 1,000 miles each month on his Tesla roadster and BMS Active-E sedan.

“I’m pleasantly surprised at how many people have arrived, and at how far they’ve come,” he said.

He noted the growing market for electric vehicles is helping draw more people, and with everyone from BMW to Ford offering electric or hybrid versions of production models, the electric car world is drawing more than just aficianandos.



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