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USA: The Toyota RAV4 EV Drive At AltCarExpo

Toyota brought its all-electric RAV4 at the AltCar Expo with surprising fanfare. A short time behind its wheels was convincing enough to have two sold.

If read yesterday’s article on AltCar Expo here,
AltCar Expo Lets You Test Drive Tomorrow’s Cars, you’ll understand better what the event is about. It’s not an auto show but more of a technology showcase of what companies and startups are working on. More than that, it’s a way to meet the people behind breakthroughs, at least with start ups and get to test drive vehicles, if only around the block. Today, we look at two prominent heavy weights, the Toyota RAV4 EV, the Honda Fit EV and finally the beautiful Kia Optima Hybrid.

Toyota Gauges Interest. If you also read our article announcing how Toyota was backing away from pure electric cars and focusing on hybrids instead, Toyota Scales Back Electric Car Roadmap, the Toyota RAV4 EV is a bit of a puzzle. If success is to be gauged by yesterday quick drive, then Toyota will rejoice at the high interest for the RAV4 EV. The line to get in was long, the registration full and the first day showing it was rumored to have incited two people to buy it on the spot.


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