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USA: Test Drive the Most Affordable Electric Vehicle in America for the Day – Free of Charge – At Wantagh Mitsubishi

Wantagh Mitsubishi is proud to present the most affordable, 100% electric vehicle in America, the Mitsubishi iMiEV! With no gas or tailpipe- it’s just good clean fun!

The Mitsubishi iMiEV, the most affordable 100% electric vehicle in America, was named the greenest vehicle of 2012 by the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy, thanks to an astonishing 112 Combined MPGe!

The iMiEV features safety first, with 6 air bags and a unique rise body design!

Additional features include:

spacious interior
three drive modes
iMiEV remote control
available HDD navigation
regenerative brakes and rear-wheel drive
and more!

This vehicle can save consumers up to $9,850 in fuel cost over 5 years, compared to an average new vehicle! There is also an 8 year, 100,000-mile battery warranty!

This amazing vehicle can be leased for $249 a month for 36 months- an unbeatable deal!

Come down to the one and only Wantagh Mitsubishi and test drive the 100% electric vehicle for the day, free of charge! Wantagh Mitsubishi also has 3 charging stations for iMiEV’s purchased at Wantagh Mitsubishi!

Call Wantagh Mitsubishi today at (800) 492-6824 or visit our website at for more information on the iMiEV.


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