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USA: So long range anxiety with an all-electric CODA

In this last part, we take a look at how it feels to drive this electric car that should once and for all change your opinion about how electric cars do work and can more than efficiently 95% of your transportation needs. Here was how the drive went.

Driving The 4 Corners Of Los Angeles. The dashboard is designed to be very similar to a regular car, something that will please many gasoline sedan drivers. The information system tells you what and how much is drawn on the battery so that you can maximize your range.

The 80 miles drive we took through Los Angeles was varied enough to give us a true sense of what to expect from such an electric car in one of the toughest situation, typical Los Angeles city traffic. We even drove our CODA on the Los Angeles river infrastructure where once muscles cars duked it out with Grease and American Graffiti, nullifying any fear of driving in the rain. The highly diversified ride took us uphill, downhill, on highways and even canyon roads where we were able to test the car’s greater potential.

Driving around the city a full day making stops without recharging certainly will cure you from any over hyped “range anxiety” issues other carmakers have. The CODA behaved very well in the middle of traffic, had no problem getting out of a lane and zip to another one. We even pulled out from a green light full throttle, enough to witness the incredulous stares from other gasoline sedans. On the highway at higher speeds is probably where the CODA impressed us most. Its accelerations from the 60 to 65 mph zone to higher speeds was surprisingly zippy. In many ways, it reminded us of the Tesla Roadster’s similar capacity of accelerations at that speed and we now understand what Thomas meant by “elasticity”.

CODA Handling. The CODA handled predictably up and down the Malibu canyons where its evenly dispersed weight of 51% front, 49 back made very reassuring. We reached our final destination with 9% of the usable battery left, and up to 13%, if we were to crawl to a recharge station, sort of like the reserve on gasoline tanks. This was after stop and go, uphill downhill, highways and canyon driving for an entire day!

CODA has come a long, long way since I first drove its early test prototype in 2009. While the car felt zippy then, it was only a promising prototype. This final production series is ready for the general public with enough performance and plenty of range for 90% of the US population.

In the end, CODA is certainly positioned as a serious global player. . It’s remarkable to see what this group of highly dedicated engineers and car enthusiasts have done in 5 years. CODA has managed to design an electric car with truly impressive performance, that will certainly become a reference point for many. Considering 98% of trips are under 120 miles, the CODA is more than capable of offering this to many US drivers. It’s trunk space is also truly impressive.

Finally, Coda has taken a big bite out of the whole range anxiety myth with its certified 133.6 miles of range. This was the first I drove an entire day in city traffic, highways and canyon roads without worrying about charge. CODA’s impressive performance is the result of careful engineering and its all-electric car will appeal to many without a steep learning curve.



CODA is a California based electric car and battery company focused on clean technology. CODA’s core technology – advanced Lithium-ion battery systems – will power a new generation of clean vehicles and drastically improve the efficiency and rate of adoption of clean energy sources like wind and solar power. CODA’s 100% electric sedan is the first product to benefit from its advanced technology.

CODA has a global joint-venture to manufacture CODA-designed battery systems with Lishen Power Battery, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of lithium-ion cells and a key supplier to Apple®, Motorola,® Samsung® and Vodafone. Lishen manufactures the battery systems according to CODA design specifications.

The CODA Team. With a well diversified engineering team, bringing in together 1000 years experience, CODA brought in the final touch, automobile car guys. Steven “Mac” Heller, as Executive Chairman with 20 plus years of investment banking experience.


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