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USA: Santa Barbara Expands Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

SANTA BARBARA — The City of Santa Barbara along with the Community Environmental Council unveiled new electric vehicle charging stations on Sunday in time for National Plug In Day.

Sixty cities throughout the country celebrated electric vehicles this weekend.

The EV stations came free of charge from Coulomb Technologies and the Department of Energy. The Air Pollution Control District paid to have them put in through grant funds.

“No local tax money was used to actually purchase or install them,” explained Mayor Helene Schneider.

The eight new stations throughout the city are universal.

“What happens here is any electric vehicle can just come up, charge, it costs $1 an hour and it’s a public infrastructure,” said Michael Chiacos, Community Environmental Council.

The money collected will go back to the city to recoup the energy cost.

In Santa Barbara alone, there are around 100 electric cars and in the tri-counties, there are now 100 new public charging stations.

“It’s huge, it’s really huge because it’s the beginning, it’s the beginning of a movement if you want to think of it that way, a movement towards bringing zero emission vehicles to our community,” said David Van Mullem, APCD director.


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