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USA: San Diego Zoo gets wild with EV-charging carports

The San Diego Zoo is putting in a little something to make the animals go wild, solar EV-charging parking structures. The parking structures will allow EV owners to charge their vehicles while enjoying a day at the zoo.

Once installed, the zoo will have 10 solar canopies and five EV charging stations, covering about 50 parking spaces. The carports will produce 90 kilowatts of electricity, as well as five EV charging stations and will incorporate at a 100 kilowatt battery storage system. The canopies will charge the battery and the power will be used to charge vehicles when they are parked there, and when they’re not, the power will feed into the grid.

It’s anticipated that by 2020 San Diego could see more than 200,000 plug-in EVs. “In the San Diego region we have about 1,700 already,” said San Diego Gas & Electric’s Plug-in Electric Vehicle Manager April Bolduc, which is a partnership of San Diego, SDG&E, GE, UC San Diego and CleanTECH San Diego. “We’re trying to prepare our infrastructure now, so when we do see that number, we’ll be ready. Especially for a place like the San Diego Zoo, when you have a a destination spot,” she said.



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