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USA: Rebates Should Also Be For Converted Electric Cars

While governments pride themselves on facilitating the purchase of electric cars, some are left out of the equation. What about those who convert cars to electricity?

If you’ve been reading our article, you’ll see a few of us are very much in love with the idea of converting older cars to electricity. In fact, they don’t need to be old, just light and convenient. It turns out some the 80s and 90s cars lent themselves perfectly to this sort of conversion.

Conversion Shops vs. Home Made. The roads to converting an internal combustion engine car to electricity are wide and different. You could have a beat up old car lying around doing nothing, begging for an electric motor to continue offsetting its carbon footprint. Or you could be a desperate tweaker and a garage mad scientists, ever so eager to try on the latest electronic component. Conversion shops can help you transform that tire into a new electric vehicle. What ever flips your boat, electric car converters have different motivations.

However, one thing electric car converters don’t have is any recognition from their government. The federal government gives up to $7,500 of tax rebate of you make less than $100,000 a year when purchasing a new electric car. But what about when you take out a gasoline engine and replace it with an electric drivetrain? Zilch. Nothing, nada, and not even a word of thanks.



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