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USA: [NEEAA] This weekend Test Drives with Ford- Event Schedule

Great meet’n’drive, and the food too. Thank you Dan, for everything (and the cool “Electric” sticker for my Volt.

My unsolicited opinion of the Fords:

Thumbs down on the CMax. Pros were spacious and solid, but big cons for lack of any meaningful EV ability (not really much of any, don’t believe the drive stats at the end as they are simply based on miles when the engine is off) and very busy and jumbled controls/display. And according to the Ford experts, the Energi will be the exact same power train just with a bigger battery. Not an EV, sorry!

But BIG thumbs up on the Focus EV. About my only complaint is the loss of storage in the back (25%??) But for a “local commuter” and “grocery getter” I think Ford has hit a home run. Just the right combo of practicality, refinement, and EV power.


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On Sep 7, 2012, at 7:18 AM, Dan Dunn wrote:

> 12pm-12:45pm – People arrive and register (Sign waiver)
> 12:45-1pm – Presentation
> 1pm-3pm – Test Drives & Eat Lunch
> 3pm-3:30pm – Regroup for questions
> We will have two vehicles available to drive (10 minute drives) to each member:
> (1) Focus Electric
> (1) C-MAX Hybrid
> We are Not concerned with head count anymore But I would arrive by 12:45
> plenty of 110 outlets, don’t forget an extension cord.
> Dan Dunn


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