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USA: More car charging stations online in Woodlands

Several companies are working to help drive electric cars farther.

While consumers are noticing the advantages that energy efficient electric vehicles offer – from protecting the environment to eliminating the need for an oil change – some are still hesitant when it comes to making the switch.

“Research shows, people have range anxiety,” said Carly Kade, sppokeswoman for eVgo.

A fully charged battery can take the cars around 100 miles, but potential buyers are still wondering what happens when the charge wears off.

eVgo president Arun Banskota said the company is working to create more options for electric car owners to re-charge, away from home. The company wants drivers to have more confidence that they can ride to their destinations without worrying how they will make it home to their garage charger.

“People are used to driving internal combustion engine cars. They don’t even have to think about where to go for gas,” he said. “Driving an electric vehicle really requires a change in how you think.”

The company has 15 “Freedom Stations” in the Houston area, with one in Spring at Walgreens, located 19710 Holzwarth and another nearby at the Park N Fly in Bush Intercontinental Airport, 15850 John F. Kennedy Blvd.

A new station recently opened near The Woodlands at the H-E-B grocery store at 130 Sawdust Road.

“The Freedom Station is just one piece of the puzzle for turning range anxiety into range confidence,” Banskota said. “We’re thinking from the perspective of an electric vehicle driver and what their needs would be and solving their concerns.”

Josh Bryant has driven an electric car for almost one year and is an eVgo customer. He said charging his car is easy. “If you can plug in your hair-dryer, you can plug in your car,” he said. “I do it habitually. I don’t even think about it. It’s like plugging in your cell phone before bed.”

Bryant has a long commute, but it is not anything that his nightly charge cannot accommodate. “I can do that trip just charging from home,” he said. “But if I’m going out to meet friends after work, I need to stop and charge somewhere.”


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