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USA: Minneapolis to install 25 new electric car charging stations


The Minneapolis City Council is moving toward a greener future by adding 25 charging stations for electric cars, but how necessary are the plug-in stations when electric vehicle sales are falling below projections?

General Motors spent more than $1 billion to develop the Chevy Volt, but only 20,000 have been sold since 2010. Though they’re not the only game in town, some argue that installing charging stations will be a waste of money if they sit vacant. Still, there are others who argue that no one would buy an electric car without a place to charge up on the go.

“It feels good. Once you get good mileage, you just want to keep getting better and better,” explained Phyllis Wiener. “It becomes a little bit of a game.”

Wiener bought a Prius three years ago because getting 50 miles per gallon sounded pretty good — until she found out she could do even better, that is. Soon, she converted to hybrid to run solely on electricity.

“I don’t think people understand the possibility of electric vehicle technology,” Shayne Berkowitz, of ReGo Plug-In Hybrid Conversions, told FOX 9 News. “I would say 75 percent of what we do is education around this technology.”

Still, the electric-only car has been slow to catch on. When the Prius came out, Toyota couldn’t keep them in stock, but the appetite for all-electric vehicles hasn’t been as ravenous. With a limited range of less than 50 miles, reluctant buyers often express “range anxiety.”


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