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USA: Manager/Evangelist DrivingElectric (San Francisco, California)

What is DrivingElectric? is a collaboration between the major plug-in driver groups to create a one-stop resource for anyone intrigued by electric vehicles. Working together with automakers, dealers, community and advocacy groups, we connect plug-in drivers with mainstream consumers to share the benefits and pleasures of driving plug-in cars.

We are building an online community that puts users in the driver’s seat. Thousands of PEV drivers will be able to share their stories and knowledge of driving electric on our new networking platform. In turn, mainstream consumers will be able to engage directly with their PEV-driving neighbors, co-workers and community to learn more about the driving electric experience. We believe that sharing plug-in owners’ collective enthusiasm for their cars is the best endorsement for the driving electric lifestyle.


We are seeking a Community Manager to engage today’s (plug-in electric vehicle) PEV driver community both online and in person.

The Community Manager will:

-work with our development team to make sure the online community appeals to and engages PEV drivers
-recruit and supervise pre-launch PEV drivers to test and fine-tune the site
-identify existing resources and develop toolkits to help PEV owners act as public ambassadors
-curate the emerging driver profiles to identify interesting stories for multiple uses
-help us meet an ambitious launch date of mid September


-a high-voltage connector with excellent interpersonal skills, able to quickly build meaningful relationships with community members and strategic partners
-excellent verbal and written communication skills
-experience volunteering or working in the PEV community a plus
-a background building thriving online communities preferred
-community organizing experience preferred

-compensation subject to negotiation
-work with a fun, dedicated team
-receive public recognition for your contribution on the Team Page and in every other way we can
-gain exposure to the fast-growing, emerging electric vehicle movement

You can live and work anywhere for this web-based project. has been endorsed by Plug In America, the Electric Auto Association, and The community and its activities will include plug-in vehicles from all manufacturers.
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