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USA: Last Few Think City Electric Cars Being Finished in Indiana

Perenially struggling electric automaker Think is once again seeing out another unsuccessful chapter in its life as the final few cars are completed at its Indiana plant.
Originally formed in Norway in 1991, Think has been around longer than several other dedicated electric car companies–but it’s had its fair share of problems too.

Now, reports CBS News, two solitary workers at the Elkhart, Indiana plant are finishing construction of the final few cars shipped in from Norway, with the company once again in new hands, following Russian investment.

Relatively low demand for electric cars in general meant extremely low demand for the Think City, which was initially priced within range of the much more accomplished Nissan Leaf.

Repeated discounts have been offered to entice buyers, with liquidation pricing of the discontinued model initially bringing the cost down to $22,300. One Think dealer in Oregon offering the car for as little as $16,000 (pdf file) after an “Oregon Friends and Family Discount”, a price that could drop to $8,500 for those able to claim a full $7,500 federal tax credit.



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