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USA: Indy couple’s Chevy Volt will run on sunshine

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (AP) — Jim and Tomi Allison’s new Chevy Volt runs mostly on coal-powered electricity. But not for long.
When they install solar electric, aka photovoltaic (PV), panels behind their house, their car will be running on sunshine — mostly.
The car can travel 46 miles exclusively on its lithium ion battery, and after that, an on-board gasoline-powered generator kicks in to recharge the battery, extending the driving range to around 400 miles.
“There’s no range anxiety,” said Jim, an emeritus professor of psychology at Indiana University.
“This is a brilliant car,” he told The Herald-Times ( ). “GM has really wowed me with their engineering.”
They traded in a Prius and a Mazda MX5-Miata to buy the Volt, intending to simplify their lives by going from two cars to one.
He said the Volt is heavier than the Prius and feels more solid. He thinks it will handle winter driving conditions better. The Volt’s 1.4 liter engine has plenty of pickup and the car has lots of leg room and trunk space.
Jim admits the Mazda sports car was more fun to drive, but otherwise, he is very pleased with his new car.
The couple has had the Volt for not quite four months and put around 3,000 miles on it. Since short trips use no gasoline at all, the car is getting 85 miles per gallon.
Tomi, who was mayor of Bloomington from 1983 to 1995, makes several round trips to Nashville each week in the car completely on battery power.
“In theory, you could go forever without putting a drop of gas in the car,” Jim said.
He said he expects even higher mileage during the winter, since the couple will make fewer long-distance trips, and he forecasts a year-round average of 90 miles per gallon.
“They designed this car for everyday driving, and they hit the nail on the head,” he said.


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