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USA: Hawaiian Volta Industries Triple Charging Station Network

With a little help from investment firm, Hawaii Angels, Volta Industries plans to add twenty more charging stations on the Islands by the end of the year. Hawaii is a natural for electric cars with abundant natural renewal resources.

olta Industries was founded by Scott Mercer and Christopher Ching in March 2010 and according to Scott Mercer, Hawaiians can expect to see twenty more free electric-car charging stations by the end of 2012. The company is continuing to develop the smartest charging strategy for electric vehicle, EV owners, a business model built around free electric-car charging stations. They chose the Aloha State as a starting point for their venture because of the ideal electric car conditions.

Who Pays For It? Since nothing is free, someone has to fork the bill over. In this case, Volta Industries has built its intelligent business model by appealing to sponsors. By strategically placing charging stations in high traffic areas, shopping centers, malls, and such, Volta Industries was able to find advertisers willing to sponsor each station. Think of it as the “Adopt A Highway” program but with electric charging stations. Electric car drivers on the island can charge their vehicles for free while shopping, thanks to the patronage of a few companies.


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